Meeting "Technical Debt Fighting Week"

( infrastructure)

  • Start: Tue, January 05, 2016 - 00:00 UTC
  • End: Wed, January 06, 2016 - 00:00 UTC

At Flock, we talked about scheduling some kind of regular technical-debt-fighting week to happen every so often - some period of time where we don't do any new features (and even try to de-prioritize interrupt-driven stuff) and focus on shoring up, cleaning up, tightening the bolts, etc.

Here are some things broadly to think about:

  • Add unit tests where there are none. Increase "code coverage".
  • Write docs (and make diagrams!) where there are none.
  • Reduce code duplication, and increase code re-use where appropriate.
  • Break up ultra long methods, classes, and files into more understandable chunks.
  • Remove half-implemented features!
  • Remove dead code!!
  • Add comments where there are none, and correct inaccurate comments.
  • Deal with the existential questions facing the code that none of us wants to touch.
  • Increase happiness and general zest for life.

Meeting organized by ralph.

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